Women march on DC for equality with a Sharia Law supporting leader

Women’s rights and Sharia Law go together like Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell but that didn’t stop millions of fearless, underprivileged, underpaid, and under the influence women from taking a stand for equality on the streets of DC.  Their leader?  A Sharia Law supporting Muslim pushing for Sharia Law in the United States.  Sharia law is well know for the acceptance of woman – particularly for the legal beatings, far less rights than men, forced pre-pubescent arranged marriages, and allowable rape if they are ever “captured”.

Mansplaining aside, why on earth would any women march to support these regressive ideas?  It’s simple – the regressive media.  Women are first victimized with words like “wage-gap” and “inequality” and then given a platform, a voice, and a sign and told to march for equality!  It would be a great idea to at least google what the person standing on that platform was saying!  What would you find on a quick google?

Yikes.  I hope the march brought more attention to the mythical “wage gap” than it did for Sharia Law.  I think everyone who truly believes in equality between men and women will completely agree – Sharia Law is not the solution, it’s a major problem.

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