Freedom From Religion Foundation triggered by students praying for an injured high school football player

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent a letter to the Hamilton County, TN school system urging them to remind the staff of their “obligations in respect to religion” for the upcoming school year.  We all know that prayer is super offensive and the idea that students pray for an injured player is not only wrong – it’s also unconstitutional.  Or is it?

The separation between church and state debate has been going on a while and has ultimately been the center of attention when it comes to any situation in school where religion may be questionable.  This separation protects us from a school in a Muslin neighborhood teaching Sharia law as the gold standard of education or a school in the middle of a Satanism neighborhood teaching how to drink the blood of bulls or whatever  the Satanists do.  As you can see, Sharia Law and students praying for an injured player are on two complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  On one end we have real legitimate issues which should be addressed and on the other end we have fake triggered social justice warriors getting outraged simply because they are upset.

The triggered group in question, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has a long history of petty irrelevant attacks on the establishment of Religion.  If the organization actually stuck with the important issues, it could have been worth considering; however, taking a look at their list of ongoing lawsuits including two law suits aimed at removing crosses from public parks and even one suit aimed at removing a cross from a county seal we can correctly dismiss them as salty.

To make matters worse, the individual leading the prayer is not even affiliated with the school system – he just came down from the stands after the player was injured.  Should this prayer have been stopped?  Do I have the constitutional right to demand your prayer is stopped just because I’m offended by it?

Letter found here.

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