Who you gonna call? Double standards!

Ah yes, the star of the Ghostbusters remake is now swimming in media attention after she was the “victim” of a troll army “hate” assault on Twitter.  When is someone allowed to play the dreaded victim card?  Does getting your feelings hurt warrant the use of the victim card?  Can you pull the victim card with a history of doing exactly the same thing as someone is doing to you?

I’ll be honest here, hypocrisy doesn’t exist within the vocabulary of a liberal with one clear exception.  Hypocrisy can ONLY be used by a liberal when attached to the following adjectives: misogynist, racist, or sexist.  For example you can be a hypocritical sexist, or a racist, misogynist, hypocritical trump supporter, but you can’t be a liberal hypocrite.  It doesn’t work that way. The predictable toolkit for a SJW is very selective in his or her “preferred” adjectives and this is the golden rule.

Let’s take a look at what happened shall we?

Well this is wonderful right?  Of course racism exists now and it will exist as long as people are different.  Of course people should be held accountable and we should force people to take responsibility.  Let me dust off my racism detector and lets move forward!

Grouping an entire race into a “look alike like a mutherfucka” category is generally not a good idea.  Unless of course if you are immune to hypocrisy.  Detecting some underlying racism here,  racism detector reads 5/10.

Oh no.  Someone is sitting next to a white woman, eff him up!  Detector reads 6/10

Obviously the best dj in town is white?   8/10

White people shit.  10/10


So now we have her obvious examples of racism, lets look for the accountability.

Didn’t do anything to deserve this?  Wait.  What?

Are you sure all you did was a movie?  Are you sure you don’t have a history of saying racist shit on Twitter?


Does throwing the victim card make you immune to your own past?  How much can you really feel bad for someone blind to his or her own hypocrisy?


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