Milo Yiannopoulos, AKA the “Dangerous Faggot”, has recently scored an advance on a book deal and the regressive left reacted exactly how you would expect.  Milo has been accused of  being a white nationalist, racist, supremacist, and hateful  – among others.  A few publications have recently issued corrections on the above statements and an interesting thing happened – his book skyrocketed to the Amazon #1 Bestseller list.

The same thing happened during the election.  Two days before the election it was clear that Hillary was not only the favorite to win but she was even given a 99% chance.  She fell flat on her face.  What happened then?  A barrage of insults and accusations from the regressive left directed at Trump;  “NOT MY PRESIDENT”, bigot, warmonger, Putin’s boyfriend etc. and then another interesting thing happened – Trump became the president.

What’s going on here?  It’s either one of two things: either the regressive left is running the most spectacular advertising campaign in the history of the world (even better than Coca-Cola adding names on coke bottles) or the rest of us are so tired of this cancerous regressive movement we automatically run away from the left.  I’m betting on the ladder.

I don’t see Milo complaining, in fact getting recently banned from twitter and enduring a full scale SJW attack may have been the best thing to happen to his career.  Massive mainstream attention and a book deal, all brought to you by the salty tears of the left.  I don’t see Trump complaining either as he picks his cabinet while currently drawing up construction plans on his “Great Wall”.

What’s really dangerous?  Apparently not being hated by the left if you want to get anything done.  The more the left hates you the higher on the bestseller list your book goes.  The higher your political “hobby” career goes.


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