Freedom From Religion Foundation triggered by students praying for an injured high school football player

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent a letter to the Hamilton County, TN school system urging them to remind the staff of their “obligations in respect to religion” for the upcoming school year.  We all know that prayer is super offensive and the idea that students pray for an injured player is not only wrong – it’s also unconstitutional.  Or is it?

The separation between church and state debate has been going on a while and has ultimately been the center of attention when it comes to any situation in school where religion may be questionable.  This separation protects us from a school in a Muslin neighborhood teaching Sharia law as the gold standard of education or a school in the middle of a Satanism neighborhood teaching how to drink the blood of bulls or whatever  the Satanists do.  As you can see, Sharia Law and students praying for an injured player are on two complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  On one end we have real legitimate issues which should be addressed and on the other end we have fake triggered social justice warriors getting outraged simply because they are upset.

The triggered group in question, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has a long history of petty irrelevant attacks on the establishment of Religion.  If the organization actually stuck with the important issues, it could have been worth considering; however, taking a look at their list of ongoing lawsuits including two law suits aimed at removing crosses from public parks and even one suit aimed at removing a cross from a county seal we can correctly dismiss them as salty.

To make matters worse, the individual leading the prayer is not even affiliated with the school system – he just came down from the stands after the player was injured.  Should this prayer have been stopped?  Do I have the constitutional right to demand your prayer is stopped just because I’m offended by it?

Letter found here.

Women march on DC for equality with a Sharia Law supporting leader

Women’s rights and Sharia Law go together like Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell but that didn’t stop millions of fearless, underprivileged, underpaid, and under the influence women from taking a stand for equality on the streets of DC.  Their leader?  A Sharia Law supporting Muslim pushing for Sharia Law in the United States.  Sharia law is well know for the acceptance of woman – particularly for the legal beatings, far less rights than men, forced pre-pubescent arranged marriages, and allowable rape if they are ever “captured”.

Mansplaining aside, why on earth would any women march to support these regressive ideas?  It’s simple – the regressive media.  Women are first victimized with words like “wage-gap” and “inequality” and then given a platform, a voice, and a sign and told to march for equality!  It would be a great idea to at least google what the person standing on that platform was saying!  What would you find on a quick google?

Yikes.  I hope the march brought more attention to the mythical “wage gap” than it did for Sharia Law.  I think everyone who truly believes in equality between men and women will completely agree – Sharia Law is not the solution, it’s a major problem.

The Trigger Heard Round The World

This poor man just lost everything in a freak accidental house fire.  I can’t begin to imagine what he must be feeling or how devastated his family must be.  I’m not talking about the lunatic liberal crying out in terror because the presidential candidate he supported lost the election; I’m talking about the man just out of the picture headed to work.  Such a shame.


How offensive.  Just look at that cis-gendered ball of privilege up there shaking her ass on the dashboard of millions of cars across the United States.  Hula dolls came from Hawaii and if it is displayed ANYWHERE else it’s not only cultural appropriation – it’s straight up offensive.  The SJW snowflake in the video unleashes a barrage of regressive insults on a poor Lyft driver just trying to do his job.  Apparently article 1.23-23 of the SJW constitution gives snowflakes’ the right to demand hula dolls be removed whenever they feel offended.  Unbelievable.

The Rape Culture Myth

It’s not surprising to anyone that the “rape culture” myth was created by feminists, massively exploited, and then spoon fed to the regressive left like chicken noodle soup.  Let’s take a look at this strange phenomenon and dive into mind of a liberal for a minute.

First up, we need a clear meaning on the phrase “rape culture” and the best way to do that is with old faithful – the dictionary.  What does Oxford have to say?


Now that we have a clear definition of rape, let’s define culture.


Rape is disgusting, terrible, and illegal.  This is not just my viewpoint but also the viewpoint of the United States as a society.  Rape carriers serious penalties as it should, and rape is not accepted in the United States.  We don’t throw rape parties.  We don’t pass around and sell women as sexual equipment.  We don’t go to our local courthouse and hang up signs about the number of women we rape.  If an unfortunate rape happens, it’s a crime and charges will be brought.

Clearly we have instances where a rapist manages to receive a significantly lighter punishment than he or she deserves.  It happens, we all know it happens.  Does that really warrant a “rape culture” brand?  If we were a rape culture why would charges be brought in the first place?  Why would anyone bother reporting the crime?  How could it even manage to make it to court?  Could it be that the idea of a “rape culture” in the United States is as crazy as a football bat?

The culture, or ideas, customs, and social behaviors, of the United States clearly identifies rape as a bad thing and in no means is this acceptable anywhere.  Do we have a group of men who believe they are entitled to any woman they choose against her will?  Absolutely. Do these men represent the culture of the United States?  No.  Do we have a group of college men who believe they can have sex with any female student against her will?  Yes.  Does this represent the culture of the United States?  Absolutely not.

Since the topic is apparently extremely difficult to understand, I have created a list of scenarios below should you ever get confused.

  • Scenario 1: Marsha wears a tight little pink dress from Macy’s and goes to party, meets a guy, does the dirty, regrets it the next day, and claims she was raped.
    • Was Marsha raped?  No
    • Was Marsha asking for it by wearing a tight little pink dress?  No
    • Was Marsha a victim of rape culture?  No
    • Is Marsha a lying bitch?  Yes, and hold her accountable.
  • Scenario 2: Marsha wears the same tight little pink dress from Macy’s and goes to a party, meets a guy, says no but the guy forces himself on her anyway, reports what happened the next day.
    • Was Marsha raped?  Yes
    • Was Marsha asking for it by wearing a tight little pink dress?  No
    • Was Marsha a victim of rape culture?  No
    • Was any part of this Marsha’s fault?  No
  • Scenario 3: Marsha goes to a party, drinks a lot and passes out, has unconscious sex.
    • Was Marsha raped?  Yes
    • Was Marsha asking for it?  No
    • Was Marsha a victim of rape culture?  No
  • Scenario 4: Marsha goes to a party, gets her giblets forcibly groped in the hallway, pushes him away and leaves the party
    • Was Marsha raped?  No
    • Was Marsha the victim of a crime?  Yes – a sexual assault since no intercourse happened
    • Should Marsha report this?  Absolutely – and send him to jail.

I hope this helps!

Who you gonna call? Double standards!

Ah yes, the star of the Ghostbusters remake is now swimming in media attention after she was the “victim” of a troll army “hate” assault on Twitter.  When is someone allowed to play the dreaded victim card?  Does getting your feelings hurt warrant the use of the victim card?  Can you pull the victim card with a history of doing exactly the same thing as someone is doing to you?

I’ll be honest here, hypocrisy doesn’t exist within the vocabulary of a liberal with one clear exception.  Hypocrisy can ONLY be used by a liberal when attached to the following adjectives: misogynist, racist, or sexist.  For example you can be a hypocritical sexist, or a racist, misogynist, hypocritical trump supporter, but you can’t be a liberal hypocrite.  It doesn’t work that way. The predictable toolkit for a SJW is very selective in his or her “preferred” adjectives and this is the golden rule.

Let’s take a look at what happened shall we?

Well this is wonderful right?  Of course racism exists now and it will exist as long as people are different.  Of course people should be held accountable and we should force people to take responsibility.  Let me dust off my racism detector and lets move forward!

Grouping an entire race into a “look alike like a mutherfucka” category is generally not a good idea.  Unless of course if you are immune to hypocrisy.  Detecting some underlying racism here,  racism detector reads 5/10.

Oh no.  Someone is sitting next to a white woman, eff him up!  Detector reads 6/10

Obviously the best dj in town is white?   8/10

White people shit.  10/10


So now we have her obvious examples of racism, lets look for the accountability.

Didn’t do anything to deserve this?  Wait.  What?

Are you sure all you did was a movie?  Are you sure you don’t have a history of saying racist shit on Twitter?


Does throwing the victim card make you immune to your own past?  How much can you really feel bad for someone blind to his or her own hypocrisy?



Milo Yiannopoulos, AKA the “Dangerous Faggot”, has recently scored an advance on a book deal and the regressive left reacted exactly how you would expect.  Milo has been accused of  being a white nationalist, racist, supremacist, and hateful  – among others.  A few publications have recently issued corrections on the above statements and an interesting thing happened – his book skyrocketed to the Amazon #1 Bestseller list.

The same thing happened during the election.  Two days before the election it was clear that Hillary was not only the favorite to win but she was even given a 99% chance.  She fell flat on her face.  What happened then?  A barrage of insults and accusations from the regressive left directed at Trump;  “NOT MY PRESIDENT”, bigot, warmonger, Putin’s boyfriend etc. and then another interesting thing happened – Trump became the president.

What’s going on here?  It’s either one of two things: either the regressive left is running the most spectacular advertising campaign in the history of the world (even better than Coca-Cola adding names on coke bottles) or the rest of us are so tired of this cancerous regressive movement we automatically run away from the left.  I’m betting on the ladder.

I don’t see Milo complaining, in fact getting recently banned from twitter and enduring a full scale SJW attack may have been the best thing to happen to his career.  Massive mainstream attention and a book deal, all brought to you by the salty tears of the left.  I don’t see Trump complaining either as he picks his cabinet while currently drawing up construction plans on his “Great Wall”.

What’s really dangerous?  Apparently not being hated by the left if you want to get anything done.  The more the left hates you the higher on the bestseller list your book goes.  The higher your political “hobby” career goes.